Solar Panels Can Generate Free Energy

world energy requirements

Solar power is sunlight captured from the Sun, and is typically captured using various photovoltaic technologies, most notably solar panels. Solar power is the ultimate renewable energy resource responsible for most of the natural energy resources on Earth and most of the weather systems, and yet enough solar radiation reaches the surface of our planet every minute to theoretically fulfill entire world energy requirements for just about an entire year. This amount is enough to meet the energy requirements of every country on Earth. How can this be?

The answer is simple; solar energy capture in its raw form is not very efficient. In order to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, you need to use as many solar panels as you can to trap the sunlight and turn it into usable energy. However, each of those solar panels only capture a small portion of the sunlight being thrown at them, thus making it impossible to use all of that sunlight to provide the energy needed for your home. Additionally, those panels only capture the light that is coming directly at them, so they have to work even harder in order to catch the light coming at them from all directions.

So how can we utilize all of that sunlight that hits our home?

There are two main methods used today, but both of these methods are extremely wasteful. They take the energy that comes directly from the Sun and convert it into electricity or fuel for your cars, or your home, etc. In order to take full advantage of solar energy as captured in the Sun, there must be two main methods that can be used.

There are many types of PV panels available that are able to handle the sunlight that is thrown at them. These PV panels convert the sunlight into energy that the batteries can then use to power your home or office. However, those solar panels need to be placed just right in order to get the full benefit of the sunlight that is being thrown at them. It can be difficult enough to build a panel that can work properly if the panels themselves aren’t placed on the roof of your building.

using thermal panels

There are also alternate forms of generating electricity such as by using thermal panels. Thermal Panels work under the same principles as the PV Panels, but instead of taking energy directly from the Sun, they absorb energy from air. The way that this works is by passing hot air under a heated glass or ceramic panel. The difference is that the PV Panels and the thermal panels do not get converted into electricity, but rather are run directly off of whatever heat is present in the air. These panels can often be used to create heat in excess, which could be used to warm up homes or offices, but generally should not be relied upon for primary electricity generation.

Solar panels are no longer just for people living in remote areas. With the current technology available today, it is possible for everyone to install solar energy panels on their property and use them to generate free solar electricity. You can even build your own panels if you like, saving even more money on the installation cost. Not only will you be helping the environment by using free energy generated from the Sun, but you’ll also be saving yourself some money on your utility bill!

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