How Bill Validation Can Help You

benefit enormously from the service

Bill Validation is an important part of the billing cycle. It’s an important service for any company offering electricity, gas and water services in UK. The Bill Validation Service (BVAS) is a key component of the billing cycle and an important part of the customer relationship management (CRM) processes. The benefits of using BVAS are valuable to all companies involved in the supply chain – not just the suppliers, who benefit enormously from the service and the associated savings.

The most significant point is that it’s completely automated s so you can offer bill validation absolutely to your clients on receipt without increasing your staff! This process verifies the accuracy of energy bills, taking into account all the factors that affect how they are calculated and then computing a full recalculation with the agreed tariffs. If you use the online Bill Validation Service for your client’s invoices, you will receive accurate, up-to-date bills which will be stored on your website or a PDF document. You can also be assured of the accuracy by checking the contact details provided with the bill. If there is any doubt, you can call them on an advice line. The Bill Validation Service is an essential part of the energy efficiency market and should be used to its full potential.

bill validation process

There are many valid reasons why the bill validation process might have been incorrectly applied in the first place. Most often it is down to human error, although faulty software can also cause errors. For example, if the utility company incorrectly entered the amount of energy supplied by each customer, then the bill would be incorrect and invalid. A further example could be if a previous customer had been supplied more energy than they were entitled to. Again, the error would be reflected in the bill and the client would receive a bill for the correct amount.

If the bill was incorrectly issued in the first place, the client has the right to lodge a complaint with their supplier and the provider should be able to offer an immediate refund. However, if the problem is down to inaccurate billing, the supplier may not be able to offer a refund as the supplier would have mis-spent the energy. Before lodging a complaint, the client should check that they actually received a copy of their invoice. If this is not the case, the first thing to do is to check the dates and invoice numbers so as to ensure that the billing issue actually arose. If the initial billing mistake cannot be proved, then the client may wish to request for a statement from the supplier that identifies the mistake and how it was allowed to happen. It may also be worthwhile for clients to request for a document signed by a member of the organisation that issued the original bill.

validity of a bill

The best way to start any investigation into the validity of a bill is to contact the supplier directly, but if that proves difficult, it is advisable to seek professional help. A sample framework agreement can usually be obtained at no cost from a supplier’s website and once downloaded, it should be used as a guide in assessing the validity of the contract. When a supplier fails to meet the terms in the agreement, the customer has the right to report the matter to the Information Commissioner who will carry out an investigation into the matter and make a recommendation whether or not to investigate.

Some suppliers and bill validation services provide an online service that can be used to track, trace and report energy bills. These can sometimes be useful for both the customer and the supplier to trace overdue bills and report late payments. Validation services can also help suppliers improve their management of receipts to help avoid charges being wrongly enforced. The supplier may be able to offer advice on other options that may be suitable to reduce or eliminate charges such as reducing the number of units purchased, ensuring the contracts are set up correctly and reducing the amount of surplus electricity that goes un-consumed. For customers, the service can help them to identify areas where they can cut down on their usage and use energy more efficiently to reduce their energy bills.

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