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Energy Mistake – Avoids Being Billed For Energy You Didn’t Use

The notion that oil is running out has profound implications on world economics, politics, and the future of humankind. However, this book questions the validity of this statement. Several studies have questioned the fact that oil will run out in the next decade, and the author questions the scientific basis for this claim. To answer this question, he presents the data to back up his assertion. The author’s own research also contradicts this belief.

Regulations That Prohibit Energy Companies

Shell energy says it has removed the practice of issuing catch-up bills. It cites Ofgem regulations that prohibit energy companies from billing customers for energy used more than 12 months ago. However, some energy companies are still sending bills even after they have stopped using the customer’s energy. This is because they are trying to recoup internal billing mistakes. The energy supplier can’t charge back the money for the energy that was not used.

Deregulated Markets

The problem is particularly acute in deregulated markets. Energy suppliers can’t issue catch-up bills, so it’s vital compare prices regularly. This prevents consumers from being billed for the energy they didn’t use. By reviewing your account on a regular basis, you’ll get the most competitive deal possible. You’ll be able to see the best rates for your energy needs without the hassle of dealing with a bloated bill.

Energy Supplier

Once you’ve discovered an error, contact the energy supplier to discuss your options. The energy supplier should be able to rectify the problem within a few weeks or months. If the supplier can’t resolve the problem, you may have to turn to the Energy Ombudsman. There are specific procedures for this. The Ombudsman will help you resolve the issue in a timely manner. There are also resources that can help you save money.

Energy Credits

As a result of this mistake, many energy suppliers are sending customers back bills. These bills contain energy credits that were used more than 12 months ago. Ofgem regulations prohibit energy firms from charging customers for energy that was used more than 12 months ago. Nonetheless, some companies still send bills to customers, hoping to recoup internal billing errors. By comparing prices on a regular basis, you can find the best deal for you. And, by comparing prices regularly, you can avoid being billed for the energy that you didn’t use.

In Summary

In addition to the fact that energy companies are not allowed to charge customers for energy used more than 12 months ago, they’re also not allowed to send back bills that were issued more than one year ago. For example, if you’ve been paying your bills more than twelve months ago, your energy supplier can still charge you for the energy that you used more than a year or two ago. In these situations, it is best to compare energy prices frequently to avoid such a situation.

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